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Lady Potamus' Tea Room
Saturday, June 01, 2002  
Hello my pets!

I am hoping that some of my friends from the Canadian Ladies Dischordian Society will be joing me as regular updaters on this bl0g. If you are one of my fellow ladies and would like to join this team, write me and I will make the necessary arrangements.

Celebrity news soon, loves!


Lady P.

4:48 PM

Friday, May 31, 2002  
Hello Dearies!

I am going to make this my new home away from home, as it were. I have enjoyed posting at Teatro Triste Del Clown and will still do so from time to time, but I thought it was time I, as it were, branched off on my own.

I will post a much longer update later, once I have adjusted these colors to be more a la Piet Mondrian.

He once drew my portrait, you know. I made the most charming red block.


7:15 PM

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