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Lady Potamus' Tea Room
Sunday, September 01, 2002  
Hello Darling!

I posted this charming little story from my girlhood at YesAnd.com and thought you should see it, too!

Stop it, JoeK! You're turning me on.

Seriously, though, back in my girlhood, we used to "rap," too, though in those days we called it, "recite poetry."

Here is a poem I recited that got me booted from Ms. Smither's Home for Wayward Girls.

I got two litres, two whole litres,
I drink one in my dorm, the other in theatres.
When I'm in the gin the room starts to spin
I go down on Ms. Smithers, she starts to grin,
But don't tell her boyfriend - he thinks it's a sin.
I hate being Christian, I'd rather be a Jew,
Because they can drink on Sundays and Saturday, too.
When I walk with Ms. Smithers
The Rabbi would toast her
He wouldn't mind the oral sex as long as she was kosher.

I'm Lady P, that Lady is me,
I can bust rhymes indefinately
When I walk through a bar my homies they shout,
"Look out bartender she's going to pass out."
I'll put away the hooch just like I'm Clark Gable
Then I'll go down on boys who drink me under the table
I'll come back for more just as soon as I'm able.

And so on and so forth. Oh, you get the gyst, you big silly.

5:07 AM

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