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Lady Potamus' Tea Room
Wednesday, November 20, 2002  
Hello Darlings!

We are living in sad, sad times, my friends. I had just recovered from one celebrity death induced drinking binge, when another celebrity died, and then another, and then another. I was like a skipping stone in a sea of schnapps.

Alas, one before last hit me the hardest, as one of my idols, Sir Richard Harris, passed away. I'm not sure if he was really a night or not, but he had a European accent and played King Arthur once, so he will always be "sir" in my heart.

I never had the pleasure of actually meeting Sir Richard. Well, not in the sense that either of us would recall it, anyways, though I have, of course, heard the rumors and seen the pictures. My dear, dear friend Peter O'Toole assured me that Sir Richard and I got along smashingly when we were smashed. I have a picture of the two of us propped up in a horse drawn carriage somewhere in New York, his dick placed in my mouth by Mr. O'Toole, who can be seen running behind the carriage and laughing.

I admit, it is something of a "shaming" photo, but what of it? It is special to me, if only because it means that his noble member once graced my lips.

Alas, when I came out of my binge in honor of Sir Richard, I discovered that James Coburn had passed away, too. Alas, I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Coburn at all and, according to all sources, he was always a perfect gentleman - nothing like the boozing, womanizing characters he played on the silver screen. In other words, an utter bore. I confess to say, I can't see as I was missing much but not knowing him.

However, he was a celebrity, so I raise my now empty glass to him.

Egads, I was passed out through the most recent Madonna movie! I must fly to the theatre immediatly. Ta ta, loves!

PS - It seems that I did meet Richard based on my entry dated 10/26/02! What do you know! It is possible to drink your memory away!

12:42 AM

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