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Lady Potamus' Tea Room
Friday, March 28, 2003  
Oscar Fever

Well, for the first time in a life time, I failed to watch the Academy Awards. I knew they were on but, somehow, could not gather up the energy to watch them, much less get dressed, fly down to L.A. and attend them. Frankly, I am not sure who one most of the awards. I understand Roman Polanski, that darling old pederast, did quite well for himself. I am sure Martin Scorsese is kicking himself for not taking advantage of any 13 year old girls over his career. Well, or at least not making it public.

Now, let me see, according to a news source, some gentleman named Adrian Brody won best actor. Well, he seems cute enough. I, of course, won't go to see movies about the Holocaust. The costumes are always so dreary.

Oh, look, Nicole Kidman won an Oscar for that Meryl Streep film she was in. Well, she is a darling girl. I thought she and Tom Cruise made adorable "beards" for each other, if you catch my drift. I was always secretly hoping they would be interested in a threesome. She was game, but Tom just wasn't interested. Even when I offered to invite Maurice, my chauffer.

Now much else to talk about, except that Bob Fosse did such a wonderful job bringing "Chicago" to the screen that he didn't even have to be alive to finish the project. Well done, Bob!

That's all for the Oscars and, frankly, I couldn't care less. How odd. I must be sobering up.

12:45 AM

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